Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Total Eclipse of the Moon

When my Studly Hubby and I were wee teenage kids oggling at each other in 12th grade math class, I devised a spectacular scheme where we ended up going to the Homecoming dance together. We weren't dating yet, but we went and I had fun and three months later we were an item and 7 years later we got married. So that was the beginning. Well the point is, the theme song at that dance was "Total Eclipse of the Heart" and even though probably nobody remembers this song I will always think of it whenever anybody mentions any of the words "eclipse," "homecoming" or even "math class."

Well tonight I'm singing that song, because there was a total eclipse of the moon over Seattle, and it was a clear beautiful night and we were out running so we saw the whole spectacular (and very slow) show. It was beautiful!!


susan said...

I remember that song! Although it doesn't make me get romantic gooey feelings. :)

I'm so glad the night was clear, what an amazing sight.

Blogger said...

Sprinter - DarKz (170BPM)