Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Who do I vote for?

I have been watching the primaries with great interest, but never in a million years did I think my vote would actually count.

And here we are with the Washington state's primaries coming up on Saturday and it turns out my vote will be very important. Because the two leading Democrats are still neck-and-neck. Has this ever happened? Usually it's decided even way before Super Tuesday.

While I was in Iowa over Christmas I watched the fury and the excitement, and my family had recorded the Iowa debates which we watched with more fury and excitement. I tried to decide what I would do if I were making the choice and couldn't make up my mind.

And the really exciting part is that either way, we will change history.

A woman or a black man, winning the primaries and running for president... it's a moment I have always wanted to be part of.

How exciting!

Oh, I'm not really looking for an answer to the question-title of this post. It is a very personal decision for me. I was just titling this post with a question so you knew what it would be about. But you can tell me who you voted for if you want.


uncle bruce said...

You can learn a lot by watching debates and reading the news, even if it doesn't change your mind (or help you make up your mind). These guys are pretty sharp. Even the ones on the dark side.

arial said...

I went with OBAMA. It's so fun to say.