Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sock Monkey Pants!!

My sewing attempts are continuing. I finished my Mother's Day Skirt last weekend, and had leftover fabric so I decided to make a baby dress to match. While I was looking around for a good pattern I found this website with awesome ideas and patterns and other easy sewing projects for babies and decided to make some baby pants - it turns out they are super easy! I can't wait to make more, and will probably be sending some out as gifts - so you better get yourself a baby!

My first pair of baby pants!

Layla makes a great model! She's super chill.

The fabric store in our neighborhood (Fabric Crush) has so much neat fabric, I partially blame them for all my recent sewing adventures. Layla loves it now too. Yesterday when we went I put her face-forward in the Moby wrap and she brightened up when we went in, and reached out to all the colorful prints and even smiled at the store owner! The owner helped me pick out some neat color combinations for my first baby dress.


arial said...

Get myself a baby! I am so on it! 12 weeks to go, that should be plenty of time for you to whip something up.

Fixen Vixen said...

Oh my goodness, those pants are darling! Layla makes an awesome model. She's got the Zoolander look down. Too adorable!

MJ said...

Fun pants!

J-Funk said...

Laurel - I already have fabric for you! I am especially glad that you know the gender so I am not restricted to gender neutral patterns. So many possibilities!