Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day!

It was the Studly Hubby's first OFFICIAL Father's Day today (since we knew about Layla this time last year we sort of celebrated Father's Day but she was button-sized at the time so it wasn't a big celebration).

Unfortunately Miss Layla is a bit sick this weekend and kept me up all night, so the Studly Hubby passed on my offer of a Father's Day Breakfast-in-Bed so he could get up with her at 6 am and let me sleep in... I was SOOOO grateful. Even with the extra couple of hours of sleep I was still super tired this morning, but thankfully Layla made her daddy a card and left it for him on the counter. She picked it out and wrote in it about how awesome her daddy is and how much she likes to play with him and her great appreciation for all the times he's changed her dirty pants.

Then after I got up she sang him a song she had been practicing all weekend. She's getting very good at singing, although she needs some work on lyrics.

Then she went back to bed for a while, so he could make some pancakes and sausage for us solid-food-eaters.

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