Tuesday, May 11, 2010


On Sunday I celebrated my first Mother's Day as a mom. Now I have a whole new appreciation for this holiday!
The Studly Hubby treated me right, he let me sleep in (until 9!), he let me decide the day's activities (hang out outside, shop for baby clothes, shop for fancy fabric, and make a skirt!) and then he made sure it all happened in a stress-free way.
Here is the skirt I worked on. It's not quite finished - I put in a seam wrong and couldn't find my seam-ripper, so it will get finished next weekend. It took about 1/4 as much time as the last skirt I made, and was MUCH less painful. I feel like a competent skirt-maker now. I might even venture on to another project... or maybe just more skirts...
The Studly Hubby has been taking some really awesome pictures too. Here is one of my favorite mommy-daughter pictures:

And YES that IS spit-up on my shoulder... I think having spit-up on my shoulder gives me more street cred as a mommy.

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Katie said...

You both look like you're thinking in that picture! Love it!