Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rolling Over!!

Layla rolled over for the first time last week (tummy-to-back), and we were SO PROUD... but then we thought maybe we imagined it because she didn't do it again.

But yesterday morning, she did it AGAIN! and we caught it ON CAMERA!! That means it was real, for sure.

Here is the actual footage proving Layla is a super rock star.


Uncle KT said...

I found myself leaning in the direction of the eventual roll with her...I'm so glad that you gave away the punch line otherwise I would have been kind of worried that she wasn't going to make it over. It was dicey there for a bit. Job well done Layla!

tom said...

hooray! I saw it! good documenting! Good job big Layla! Now you're in trouble Josie & Derek!