Tuesday, May 11, 2010


We joined a parent-support group here in Seattle called PEPS. I don't know what it stands for but what it is is 10 couples with babies born within two months of ours getting together every week for 3 months to share highs and lows and tricks and treats. We don't have any family in town so really wanted to do this from the moment we heard about it.

Every week each person has a chance to share that week's high point and low point (ex. I got to go shopping, that was a high, but she pooped all over the stroller while we were out, so that was a low). I have started thinking about everything that happens during the week as a high or a low. Usually they are connected.

Last week's highs and lows...

Low: Layla got a cold! She was snuffly and miserable.
High: Layla was SO CUTE when she had a cold, and CUDDLY! We got lots of cuddles and I think it helped her have a quick recovery.

Low: DAYCARE... Blah! I had to put off working another week because we still didn't have daycare.
High: Our new daycare started today, and it's going great! They are very good with Layla and although it really wore her out (she is only going for half-days this week) she seems to like it a lot.

Low: WORK! It's so hard! And I have to jump right in and that's hard too! And I miss the girl! And I'm tired!! And it's hard to work when you're tired!!
High: WORK! It's so much fun! I missed it so much!! I missed everyone and everything and really love being back and thinking about science again.

Low: We have no backup daycare, so we are each going to be stuck at home for a day during the week... so that means lots of working on the weekends, yech.
High: We've discovered babysitting at the GYM! So yesterday, on my day at home, Layla and I went to the gym and had a blast. Then we went out to eat with the Studly Hubby-Daddy, and then went to the chiropractor in the afternoon. It was an awesome day!

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