Sunday, May 30, 2010

New Developments

We have such a smart little girl!! These days she has been working VERY hard on hand-eye coordination, in particular getting her fist in her mouth. She has finally had some success, and is now moving on to bigger goals: playing with TOYS! Here she is with one of her favorite toys, a rattling mirror-toy that Microsoft sent in their 'welcome baby' package.

She has a jungle gym with toys hanging down and she LOVES to work on hitting the toys and making them rattle. The movie below is a recent one of her playing with the toys on her jungle gym.

And this leads to the next thing: PEEKABOO!! She is just starting to get how fun it can be to play with a blanket. This is within the last week and we are enjoying it just as much as her.

She's also smiling ALL THE TIME now, especially when her Daddy makes faces at her, which is constant.

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uncle bruce said...

Oh my gosh what a absolute GENIUS! BTW isn't the one with the black and white stripes the zebra?