Monday, May 31, 2010

Partying Down

On our days off Layla and I like to go out and adventure. I pack her up in the Moby wrap so my arms are free and I can get a root beer flavored steamed soy milk at the coffee shop on the corner or rifle through rack of clothes at the used kids clothing store down in the neighborhood square. Fortunately my Studly Hubby is very tolerant of all my adventurous purchases but the last time he was home and we were getting ready to go he insisted on taking some pictures.

Layla usually LOVES the Moby and either falls asleep (when she's facing me) or happily checks out what's happening (when she's facing out). She especially likes going to parties where people oggle at her and tell her how pretty she is, and walking down the main street at night and looking at all the bright lights and lit up store fronts.

Speaking of partying down, have any of you heard of the Starz TV show Party Down? We have been watching it on Netflix streaming video, and it's pretty good!!

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