Friday, April 23, 2010


Layla is becoming a lot more snuggly. It's so much fun. She especially likes to snuggle with her daddy.

She's also starting to hold up her head which makes it easier to hold her (although you still have to have a hand nearby just in case). And she can see further away so will watch what's going on around the room more than she used to.

She is also looking around the room more and starting to keep track of people walking by.

She especially keeps track of her mom and dad, who are always rushing past her and throwing kisses at her as they go.


Peggy said...

Yipee for baby neck control!!! She's already showing signs of genius!

Liz said...

Oh my gosh!! That bottom picture of you squishing her cheeks with your kisses is SOOO ADORABLE!! :) Love it!! :)

uncle bruce said...

Looking around the room? Keeping track of people as they walk by? I wish I could get my kids to do that. They just want to look at the iPod or the cell phone or the computer screen.