Sunday, April 18, 2010

I pledge allegiance... to Yellow Leaf Cupcakes

I know I talk about cupcakes a lot on this blog, but I love cupcakes (and ice cream) so you are just going to have to put up with it.

The Studly Hubby's Studly Parents are in town this weekend to visit their new granddaughter (#5!) and so of course we are getting lots of treats while we celebrate our new little one.
Normally we would just head over to Trophy Cupcakes as a default but we don't want to get into a boring rut so we thought we'd diversify and head over to Yellow Leaf (in Belltown). They have a wide variety of interesting flavors (like pancakes 'n bacon, champaigne almond, and strawberry macaroon).

We LOVED Yellow Leaf cupcakes. They were very VERY yummy (whereas Trophy is just very yummy). If you live in Seattle, you must try this place. Don't get stuck in a boring rut like we almost did.


Peter said...

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uncle bruce said...

Well obviously cupcakes are an essential component of health care.

Uncle KT said...

I agree Uncle Bruce...Peter's comment cracked me up. J-funk: Did you try the pancakes and bacon cupcake? I think it would be either AWESOME or really bad with no room for middle ground...

J-Funk said...

I agree, that pancakes and bacon cupcake was a real risk.. that I didn't take! I am a wussy. Bacon flavored ice cream is another one I have not ventured to try, but I've heard it's delicious (the ice cream, I don't know anything about the cupcake).

I agree, Peter's comment was pretty funny!