Friday, April 23, 2010

Bath time!!

Now that Layla is a big girl (at 6 weeks), she goes in the big girl bath where she can actually be submerged to her chest in the water. She's completely neutral about it. We think it's pretty cute, but we think everything she does is pretty cute.

After her bath she gets super cold from the wet so we have to dry her really quickly and put her in a diaper before she gets us back for making her cold. For this we have an awesome monkey towel that Layla's great aunt sent us. She likes her monkey towel, we can tell because she hasn't pooped or peed in it yet.

She looks cold though doesn't she?


Tony and Lisa said...

Thanks for posting a picture of Layla in her Monkey Towel. I knew she would look so adorable and she does!!! She's such a doll. What a blessing!
Great Aunt Lisa :)

Liz said...

SOOO cute!!! :)