Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Grandma and Grandpa A come to town!!

Notes from Layla:

How to win over your Grandparents:

1) Be tolerant of lots of hugs and kisses
2) Be ready for pictures at all times3) Crack a smile every rare once in a while
4) Accept all gifts and special cute wardrobe changes
Bonus (not necessary! but helpful):

1) Let the parents get lots of sleep while the grandparents are visiting
2) Sleep through some shopping and dining because that's boring anyway
3) While awake, try not to fuss for a bit so the grandparents can hold you longer
4) Grab any fingers that come your way
5) Do some cute things like suck on your fist and snort and cuddle
Layla used these tactics to totally win over the Studly Hubby's Studly Parents, who were in town for a long weekend. We had tons of fun, spent lots of time with Layla and some time getting out to shop, eat and enjoy the nice weather.

We took everyone to Kerry Park, an awesome lookout on Queen Anne hill (note the space needle in the background). Layla slept a lot and then pooped her pants so we had to change her in the trunk of the car! It was very exciting.

The grandparents also got lots of chances to practice giving Layla a bottle, which she is getting better at - good thing because she will be going to daycare this week!

The grandparents also got to hold Layla a lot, and USUALLY she was good, unless she was hungry (or poopy!).

The Studly Hubby and his Studly Mommy had some cupcakes with Layla in the park
And I got some new birthday shoes! An exciting gift from the Studly Hubby's Studly Parents.

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