Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Crash course in 'Baby' (and a sewing project)

It is now the end of Layla's 3rd week, and I have been home taking care of the baby by myself most of this week. Since my mom and I had a Crash Course in 'Baby' last week I have been doing pretty well. Yesterday I took her to the zoo, I've been walking her around the neighborhood in the stroller and even got some ice cream on Monday, and we've been using the Moby wrap around the house so I can get housework done and I've started to do a little work on my computer.

Another thing my mom and I did while she was here was have FUN! We went to an awesome fabric store in our neighborhood and did some sewing projects, which made my mom use the sewing machine for the first time in many moons.

She made a nursing cover-up for me, which she designed herself.

She also made a curtain for the window in our door:

Another thing we did while my mom was here was introduce a pacifier, and a bottle. Both went very well. I know people have mixed feelings about pacifiers but let me tell you when a girl needs it she really needs it and I was totally relieved when we started using it.

The Studly Hubby also took care of Layla by himself two times last week. The first time she slept on his chest the whole time I was gone. The second time she sucked down FIVE OUNCES of my precious pumped breast milk and then passed out in the Moby wrap. Both times I worried a lot but had a nice time being away too.

And we've had a lot of time to do mommy-daughter bonding, which is what maternity leave is all about. I think she is already starting to look very different than she did when she popped out four weeks ago.


Peggy said...

Great photos! I love the pacifier shot - That is so cool! I think pacifiers are great! Use what ever crutch you can get your hands on - as long as the child is still an infant. I see three year olds with them all the time and I always think it looks odd.

I love the photo where you're using the new nursing cover up. Layla's beautiful little knee poking out of it is just delicous!

Katie said...

There's some of me and my dad that remind me of the one of Layla and Derek. I'll bet my mom felt the same way...a tad worried. But I always had a great time with my dad and I'm sure Layla will too.

Tony and Lisa said...

It sounds like you and your mom had a lot of fun! I love the nursing wrap. Layla is so cute! I can't wait to meet her. When are you coming to Iowa??????
Aunt Lisa