Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Studly Hubby's Not-So-Studly Mustache

The Studly Hubby did it... he spent six weeks growing a mustache. He and his brave co-worker W had to brave fierce looks and judgement from the general public as their mustaches grew in, and I congratulate them on their perseverence and loyalty to the Mustache. They never gave up! They never surrendered! (good job guys!)

Here it is in its full splendor:

For Halloween he incorporated the mustache into a complicated costume involving a mullet wig from Value Village and some jeans and a t-shirt.

He was a Hick.

Very well done my dear!

Hopefully next year there is no mustache as part of the costume. After Halloween we said good-bye to the mustache and it was shaved off.


uncle bruce said...

Very nice!

I am reminded of ... "This is Daddy wif a beard."

Peggy said...

He makes a very passable Joe Dirt!

pooja said...

I must admit it was a little strange to see D and W sans 'staches this morning! I got used to it, but I'm also definitely glad the contest is over. Too bad more guys didn't join in!