Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thanksgiving... my favorite holiday!

I LOVE eating, so it is only natural that I really really love Thanksgiving. This year we are staying here in Seattle and my Studly Hubby will be cooking. He is a skilled cook and even enjoys making turkey and all the goods. I enjoy sitting around visiting with people so it is a perfect situation. We will be visiting with my mom and my brother who are coming from Iowa for a week.

Now that we are getting farm-fresh produce from Full Circle Farms, we are expecting a 'Thanksgiving' veggie box this week that will supply us with a lot of what we need: russet potatoes, pumpkins, squash, yams, apples, some green veggies (brussel sprouts) and herbs for stuffing. Yum! Now we just need to make some home-made whip cream and we are all set!

The only bad thing this year is that we ran out of time to have a full practice round. I feel that practicing for thanksgiving is just as important as the meal itself. All the foods should be prepared in advance to check the recipes and taste test the product. The pumpkin pie is particularly important. And the whip cream. I have faith that my Studly Hubby can make a very Studly Thanksgiving Feast without practicing first but I really would have preferred to taste test a trial run for him.


Uncle KT said...

Good luck! But remember--the fact that you are both putting forth all of that effort will make your family feel loved no matter what!

tom said...

ah, much better topic!

Eric said...

I'm spending a week, running aggressively so that I get to eat those.