Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Absentee ballots: the hip new way to vote

I read in the paper a few weeks ago that it is becoming increasingly popular to vote BEFORE the election, and something like 10% of the votes are going to be absentee votes this year. I had an aha! moment (that is an O! the Oprah Magazine reference) and realized I could win several ways with an absentee ballot. First, I can avoid going to the polls on Nov 4, which we all know can be a headache (especially if you are in a very enthusiastic neighborhood - we waited in line for over an hour last time around). Second, you can actually figure out what each of the things are you are voting for by looking them up and doing your research while you have the ballot in hand. And third - this is something I realized after I finished voting today - you can properly distance yourself from all the political mayhem that starts to drive you batty about one week before voting day.

so my vote is to do absentee voting! it's awesome!

If you want to know how, don't ask me. I requested the ballot on some website somewhere that would take me an hour to find again (I am already registered to vote, so after I finally found the right link it was easy).


Peggy said...

Way to to J-Funk!

OR you can move overseas and post an overseas ballot WEEKS before the election and sit in European cafes (I don't but I COULD) being ever so smug about having voted ages ago.

Uncle KT said...

I support your absentee voting, but you can usually look up your ballot and find out what's on it and then look that up too. I had fun researching what the heck a "soil and water supervisor" is and who would be best for the job! Cross your fingers for me at the polls on the 4th! I might be there for a while.

uncle bruce said...

What would I do without my sister to tell me how to vote?

Anyway, I went to a Candidates' Forum the other night, organized by the LWV, and saw the candidates for state senate and state house LIVE. It was awesome! I can't recommend it enough, except probably it's too late for you and most of your readers.

Your aunt N did me way better, she went to a rally and screamed herself hoarse. Really, when she came home she had lost her voice.