Monday, October 06, 2008

Mustache Party

My Studly Hubby is so excited, because he is growing a mustache.

He and several co-workers engaged in a 'mustache competition' until Halloween to see 1) who could last the longest and 2) who could grow the better mustache. One co-worker already dropped out, and speculations are that his wife stepped in. Now it's between my Studly Hubby and one other Studly Co-worker 'W' and the race is neck-and-neck at the moment.

The Studly Hubby, Week 1

The funny part is that both the Studly Hubby and 'W' have been at it an entire week and you can't really tell what they are up to. Thank goodness!


pooja said...

Well... according to "E" (aka the co-worker who already dropped out), he just sleepily shaved one morning out of sheer habit. Right. Then he claimed he was still in because he can grow a full 'stache in two weeks and the contest goes until the end of October. However, knowing E, I'd say it's going to indeed come down to YSH and W. I've got my fingers crossed for D ;o)

Peggy said...

I didn't think your Studly Hubby go get any studlier . . . Go big D!

Uncle KT said...

Oh mustashes--I hope D wins. Plus then he can get one of the t-shirts with the not so veiled sexual refernce involving mustaches... Despite being a little creepy--those t-shirts are a little funny too.

uncle bruce said...

I'll bet you haven't seen me since I shaved the beard/mustache I had for 30 years.

Please post a photo when it gets as full as he's going to let it. Or if he decides to keep it. Don't forget the mustache wax.

Peggy said...

View this link - It says so much about my love of the mustache!