Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Dahlia story

Hello, my name is Yellow-orange Dahlia. I look like this:

Aren't I pretty?

I've had a tough life. I was sprouted from a bulb planted by my mommy in the early spring. As soon as I got big enough to see the sun these nasty slugs started eating my leaves and I couldn't grow any bigger! My mommy put out slug traps and weeded and watered and I tried and tried but just couldn't get any bigger than a half-eaten leaf sticking out of the ground. I stayed like that all summer but the slugs wouldn't go away until it started getting really cold at night. Then one day there were no more slugs so I could finally grow and grow and now I'm really big and have lots of pretty flowers!! Maybe next year I will be bigger and stronger and can beat those mean old slugs.


Peggy said...

I grew a dahlia almost exactly like that one this year. Thanks for reminding me to go bring it in!

Kathy said...

Very pretty! despite the icky slugs.

tom said...

oh my dahlia, oh my dahlia, oh my dahlia clementine...

hey thx for the obama gift!

what happened to mad cabbie?