Sunday, October 05, 2008

Headlines from the J&D Household

My dad went through a 'headlines' phase where he would update friends and family with headlines like in the paper. Here are some headlines from our household this week (I am J, my Studly Hubby is D):

J Vows to Deliver More Posts on her Blog
J Forgets about her Blog
NaBloPoMo is a Bust

D Plays at Blues Jam on Wednesday
J Goes to Blues Jam on Wednesday
J Swoons While D is Onstage
D Has Successfull Show

J&D both work all weekend
J ends the weekend by blowing up her biofilm in a grand spectacle event
D takes a break from work to go pick up J and console her
J decides biofilm was better off dead anyway

J&D take one week off after Big Bike Event
J hopes bike event trained her Quads like steel
J gets back on bike, heads for a hill, gets off bike and walks
J decides her quads are still recovering


Peggy said...

I wish there were a YouTube clip of the jam . ..

Sorry about your biofilm. I'm glad SH was there to comfort you. :-)

Uncle KT said...

Biofilms are often more truoble than they're worth. I'm often tormented by the fact that we can't seem to get rid of them in the real world but they can be pain to grow (for many reasons) in the lab. What up with that?

At any rate--this post made me laugh. Headlines are a great form of communication!