Thursday, December 22, 2005


we've been passing around some kind of intestinal thing at work and i finally got it today. It's a quicky, and pretty mild, and so far it's just stomach cramps (and only bad when I stand up) so I'm just hanging out in bed today playing some boggle, watching some movies, drinking some tea, and and blogging. Who could ask for a better day, really? My studly hubby was very well trained in dealing with sick loved ones (thanks to his studly mummy) and got me set up all nice with everything I'll need all day (except a bed pan, so i do have to get up every once in a while).

If I get any worse I'll blame it on the crack addicts that stole our stereo and bikes. Or maybe hot yoga. But for now, I'm having a pretty good day.


Derek said...

Feel better honey bunny!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you are under the weather. I wish I was home in bed. We are very busy but everything is running pretty smoothly. Have a good drive and see you soon.

KT said...

We missed you today at work!

eaglith77 said...

Hello mate! Sorry, we've been watching a lot of crocodile hunter. Well, see you on weboggle... Bye