Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Back in Black

We got back later than we wanted to last night and I went immediately to bed, so didn't have time to post about all my holiday adventures. Our holiday adventures were mostly family-related, with a little bit of mother-daughter hot yoga thrown in. Later this week my mom and brother will be coming up to Mpls to visit us and there will be more mother-daughter hot yoga, as well as mother-daughter spin (taught by the daughter) and mother-daughter shopping.

The holidays were a bit tough on me this year - I think because I went into them sick. I also felt pretty sick coming out of them but I'm hoping it was just allergies and nothing more serious. About ten cankersores found residence in my mouth also which will make it difficult to eat all the yummy leftovers.

Time for the dreadful part of vacations - going back to work. Wish me luck everybody!!


KT said...

I wish you luck going back to work! Say hi to the dedicated ones that are actually there this week. I had an accident playing broomball and I took a picture that maight be gross enought to make your blog. I'll send it to your email and you can make the call.

austinboy said...

Awe!!! Broomball accidents, it si so on. Did you ever see that pic of my broosed leg from broomball...where it traveled way down my leg. Anyway, hope your injury is OK and happy new year.

J-Funk said...

austinboy, why don't you send me that pic and I'll post both and we'll vote which is better. Broomball sounds like a dangerous sport!