Thursday, October 09, 2014

Almost a year in Kansas

As we approach our 1-yr anniversary of moving to Kansas, it still seems so strange to be in here instead of Seattle. Maybe that's partly because we still haven't hung pictures or bought furniture (there's a reason for that, which I'll post about next), but mostly it's because it was such a big change. Every season is so different, every routine still so new, having family nearby offers so many unexpected opportunities (which has been so great!), we're still in the 'new-friend' process and getting used to our new jobs, and finding new things we like in the new city we live. It's been mostly fun and a good experience, we have been reminded of how much we love the midwest, the weather, the people, the culture, etc. But we still often talk about how much we miss Seattle!!

To help ease the transition, we bought cookbooks for two of our favorite places in Seattle, Trophy Cupcakes and Molly Moon's Ice Cream (you can get both on Amazon). Delicious!

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