Saturday, October 18, 2014

Maple Leaf Festival

Today we went to the Maple Leaf Festival to watch the parade and see all the craft vendors. It was wonderful weather and so much fun to get out and enjoy it. Even though I am only 1 week into my second Botox treatment my neck held up really well and I made it through the whole event and a bunch of other family activities before and after. But I did lean my head on my husband a few times for rest and one of these times our friend snapped this quick picture (thinking I was being affectionately cute). Here is an example of where I am learning how to hide my condition - although it could easily be hidden because it is not freaking me out as much anymore but mostly because the symptoms are much controlled by the so-wonderful Botox and klonopin (mostly Botox).

The highlight of the festival was a house completely decked out for Halloween. They had a very real-looking guillotine on the curb (which had a line of people waiting to take selfies with it), and a yard full of super-spooky halloween decorations - heads hanging from a clothesline, skeletons climbing up the house, a shivering mummy, a jumping spider, corpses everywhere in all kinds of situations and all kinds of other stuff. There was a huge crowd of people just standing at the fence looking at all of it.

In both pictures you can see a little red clown wandering around. The clown was hanging around looking spooky but also handed out candy every once in a while. Layla was lucky enough to get a sucker. Then she watched closely when the clown eventually disappeared back into the house. And later, when we were buying a craft I heard her tell someone, "I got this sucker from the spooky clown at the Halloween House. Then he went inside to watch TV and have some lunch." 

A closer shot of some of the spookiness of the Halloween House:

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