Sunday, October 19, 2014

Painting the office

The last two weekends we did our first home project: we painted our office!!! It's a tiny room so was probably one of the easiest to paint (although there are nice cupboards and a window so we had to do a lot of taping for such a tiny room).

First we picked the color:

Then we bought a full can of paint (and the other stuff you need), donned 'paint clothes' and went crazy.

Layla actually ended up being a HUGE helper - we were really surprised that she could be so careful (sometimes more so than us!!). We all had to keep a close eye on each other, it's easy to drip!

After only an afternoon, we had finished the first coat and this morning in about an hour we touched it up with a quick second coat. And we are done (sorry I couldn't really get a good picture of the whole room - it is very small)!!

This was not only satisfying because it was our first home project (and it went well!) but also because  it was another milestone in my comeback after being stricken by dystonia - prior to my new meds and new botox this kind of project would have been WAAAY out of reach.


mwz said...

The paint job looks really nice. The first picture made me think that the purple was going to be too dark but the finished room looks great.

J-Funk said...

Thanks MWZ! It was a risky color so glad you like it. I think it'll look even better when we get some snazzy pictures up - but that'll probably take another year.