Friday, December 13, 2013

Our arrival

We are now in Kansas!! I am now at my new job!!! Layla is in daycare!!! And the Studly Hubby is... looking for a job. But, he will find one, because he is pretty studly (he has already turned down one offer).

My report, so far:

1. Hot diggidy, it is friggin' COLD back here in the midwest
2. I am so BUSY!!!
3. Montessori (Layla's new school) seems to be a good thing, we think.
4. How did I get so BUSY??
5. It is soooooo nice that Derek did not have to start a new job right away
6. Our new house is still pretty empty - we have had no time to buy furniture
7. Dang, it is COLD!
8. It is fancy to be a professor. I actually wore my suit the other day, just as a regular thing (gave a talk for another department in Kansas City). I have an OFFICE, and bought a NEW COMPUTER and HIRED SOMEONE. Wow.
9. It was kind of extra cold that day I wore my suit.
10. Making lists is much quicker than writing whole paragraphs.

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