Monday, February 02, 2009

UNITED by Chipotle

The privileged among us know what it is: the Chipotle Experience. We were all swept away. It was so good, and so spicy, and so cheap, and oh so excellent. And it was the only decent Mexican food you could get in Minneapolis from 2001 until at LEAST 2005, when some of us discovered Punch Pizza (Punch is not Mexican food but it's so good that it tops out all categories).

This weekend some friends from Minneapolis dropped in for some sight-seeing and interviewing with my boss' wife and we all bonded over our fond Chipotle experiences from back in the day. And vampires. Vampires are pretty neat too.

We went skiing while they were here, and I was very brave! I got off the 'Daisy' run and went down the much scarier and steeper 'Rock 'N Blue' and 'Hogsback' runs. We feel like expert skiers now, although there are quite a few portions of the mountain that have yet to be explored. Maybe next time.

Well even though we didn't ever actually go to Chipotle, we had a great time! I hope they come back and party with us some more sometime.


MJ said...

It took me a bit to realize who you are talking about! And then to remember that I need to get on the ball and find out how that interview went! ;)

J-Funk said...

It went great! K can tell you herself, but as a member of the audience, I can say, she done me proud (*sniff*).

Fixen Vixen said...

You were awesome on the slopes! Next stop, double black diamonds!