Sunday, February 22, 2009

Knee Highs!

On Thursday night, 30 Rock fans all over the nation watched as Tina Fey got exposed on the can with her pants literally down. What really caught my eye however was her super-c
ute knee highs.

I was inspired.

So on Saturday when we were wandering around enjoying the early-spring sunshine I went into a store and found some that would soon become my very first pair of knee highs (since adulthood):

Aren't they cute? 


Uncle KT said...
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Uncle KT said...

loved that episode of 30 Rock, "it's too soon!!!"...

But your lack of knee socks made me realize that you must also have a lack of knee/calf high boots!! I have a ton of knee socks to wear with my boots.

They're just fun to wear...I'm glad that you got back into them!

(I spelled stuff wrong in the last post so I deleted it)

J-Funk said...

Too bad you told me why you deleted the last post. I was imagining all kinds of way more interesting reasons why someone might have posted and then deleted it.

I never thought about the knee/calf boots thing. My rockin' green boots are calf boots and I try to wear mid-calf socks with them but knee highs would be even better because they rub on my leg sometimes. Fashionable, and USEFUL!!

pooja said...

I love knee socks! I think I have at least six or eight pairs, mainly to wear with boots or high-tops (yes, I said high-tops, but mine are all by Converse, so they fall into the "cool" category :o)). I just hate the feel of shoe/boot material on my bare skin, you know? Plus I'm always so freakin' cold.