Tuesday, February 03, 2009

20 random things about me

1) I am a closet bookworm. By this, I mean that if I were shoved in a closet, I would happily read for days on end. When not in a closet, I often don't read.

2) One big reason why I don't read a lot is because I get really addicted and can't put the book down. This is worse than it sounds. I will halt everything else, and sometimes don't even want to eat or shower.

3) When I moved to Seattle two and a half years ago, I decided to overcome my book addiction and join a book club. I've found that it is the perfect cure - the books we read are rarely addictive but still good and now I feel like I'm finally gaining control again, and am slowly starting to read more of the kinds of books that used to put me into a spiral of addiction.

4) Since Christmas I have read THREE books about vampires and Steve Martin's autobiography. I'm not sure if I'm in control but I'm having fun.

5) My husband and I want to have a baby, but we keep chickening out.

6) I really like pistachios, dark chocolate, marshmallow peeps, cheese, and nutella. I also like cake, pumpkin pie, popcorn, and lavender and peppermint.

7) I have been known to eat and enjoy strange combinations of food, like waffles & ribs, and peeps with whip cream.

8) I taught spin classes while I was in graduate school. It was mostly because my husband is a really good cook, and I am a really good eater, and I got a free membership to the gym.

9) I am a horrible athlete. People think I am good because I am persistent, but really I am very uncoordinated and slow. But persistent. Someday I hope to beat everyone because we will all eventually age, and then persistence will pay off.

10) I try really really hard not to be competitive, but if you get in my face and tell me you are better than me, I can't help but get competitive.

11) I love to be the underdog.

12) I miss my horse like crazy. He also loves to be the underdog.

13) I have 5 half-brothers, the youngest is 4 years. I am a big fan of all of them.

14) I am more in love with my husband now than when we got married, and I was pretty smitten when we got married.

15) I am best friends with my mom. But this does not take away from my other best friends.

16) I recently switched my allegiance to Macintosh.

17) I never thought I would be a scientist until I actually was one.

18) Each city I have lived in, I thought was the best city there ever was.

19) My alternate career plan is to be a chiropractor, or a fiction writer.

20) I put Brewer's Yeast on everything I can, even though my husband doesn't like it and calls it 'foot powder'.

21) I own a lot of green colored things, and my husband's favorite color is green. My husband owns a lot of blue, and my favorite color is blue. Coincidence?

22) I cherish sleep above all else. If you threaten my sleep, I will threaten you.

23) I have run two half-marathons and biked a 3-day 120 mile trek. I hate all of them, but would do any of them again in a second. I was not fast, but I was persistent.

24) I miss all of my friends that I don't see every day very very much, and I love that I can reconnect with them on Facebook.

25) I have a blog, and have been posting on it regularly since 2005.


Uncle KT said...

You are persistent. However I really think that in most things persistence with a sprinkle of talent is the key to success. I've seen enough people that have a ton of talent but not much persistence fail at whatever they were trying to do to be sure of this as a fact! What inspired this interesting post?

J-Funk said...

KT - this is going to make you mad but it's true: Facebook did it. This is going around on facebook like it has gone around on the blogsphere and I wrote one up and posted it both there and here.

Uncle KT said...

It doesn't make me mad, it proves my point. I have no need for facebook since I'm getting the same stuff without it!