Sunday, September 14, 2008

What happened to the crunch cone? (part 2)

While we were in Iowa, I went to Dairy Queen to get a much longed-for crunch cone and interrogate the manager there about why our Dairy Queen in Washington state doesn't have crunches.

Well the manager of the Iowa Diary Queen assured me that all Dairy Queens can have crunches if they so choose but that some decline them because there is an untrue belief that crunches need to be applied with an expensive piece of equipment. He showed me how that piece of equipment is unnecessary (you just roll the cone in a tray of crunches) and recommended that I put in a suggestion to the manager of our Washington Dairy Queen that they get some crunches and apply them that way.

Then I asked if I could simply buy a bag of crunches to take home with me and he said no, not unless I have $250,000 to open my own Dairy Queen franchise. I was briefly tempted to do this, but then remembered that I can still have crunches whenever I return to Iowa.


Anonymous said...

I, too have been searching for the elusive crunch cone. I'm originally from Cleveland, OH (my second job after a very short stint at Baskin Robbins was at DQ) and we have crunch cones there! I now live in Chicago and no one has ever heard of them! They look at me cock-eyed every time I mention this delicious topping. I've sent a comment on to DQ (it's not even mentioned on their website, tsk). Good luck in your quest and I shall continue mine. Next time I'm home (which will be in the dead of winter) I will make sure to stop by DQ and get myself a crunch cone!

Leah Y.

Thingsthatperplexme said...

Leah - I'm from the greater Chicago area (western suburbs) and they most definitely have crunch cones there. I'm also on the hunt for crunch cone topping - someone on another blog said they discovered a way to order it. My mom shipped me some, b/c there definitely is no crunch topping at the DQs in Gainesville, FL where I'm doing my PhD.

Thingsthatperplexme said...

Back in - I found the website!!!

To bad they're closed until April. Only 22 days to go :D