Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Studly Hubby earned more nerd-points

My Studly Hubby just sent me a picture that he took with his iPhone of the INSIDE OF THE BUS!

And he was text messaging me the whole time!


Derek said...

I am totally commenting on the bus too.

Peggy said...

If he keeps racking up the points like that, he's going to win the contest!!!

Uncle KT said...

My brother has an iPhone and I hate it when he texts me because with that sweet keyboard he can go SO MUCH fast than me. While he's waiting for a reply he sometimes sends taunting text messages.

Why the photo of the door? Was there something wrong with it?

J-Funk said...

derek - you are such a nerd!

peggy - he's already won!

kt - he was just taking a picture to show me he was on the bus, can you believe what a nerd he is!

such a nerd!

Uncle KT said...

Oh I get it now. In the even that you didn't think that he was really on the bus he was proving it with a photo. That makes me laugh. Next time he should make sure his face is in the frame. That will be even more funny.