Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The manly KILT

I guess some men prefer skirts over pants... but they call them kilts.

I discovered over the weekend that there is a growing population of kilt-wearing men out there. They even have a whole store dedicated to them, Utilikilts (there's one in downtown Seattle, but if you don't live here you can order your kilt online).

If you're curious about the underwear situation of these kilt-wearing men, check out some of the home-made commercials on the Utilikilts website (called Mockumercials, to see the whole list, go here). My favorite is Round 2, 3rd Place: "Pants don't stand a chance."

Happy Punctuation Day today, everyone! Also, Happy Birthday to my li'l bro JUSTIN, who is turning 21!!!

Coming soon: My memoir of our crazy bike ride... get ready!


Peggy said...

I'll tell ya, there is NOTHING more masculine than seeing a couple of guys hiking in the highlands wearing t-shirts, kilts and timberland boots. Man! It warms me up just thinking about the sight!

Anonymous said...

One of my good friends went to a wedding this summer where several of the guys were wearing the Utilikilt - in Wisconsin!

Anonymous said...

oops anonymous was HH at the U of MN

Bärbel said...

Yay! Google found me this picture and it made my day