Sunday, September 14, 2008


It was our FIFTH wedding anniversary last weekend and the Studly Hubby got me a beautiful opal ring.

It's not just any ring either. His Studly Parents, who own an amazing jewelry store in Iowa City, made the ring. Isn't it pretty?

As soon as I put it on I realized it gave me Super Powers, which I will use for good (not evil) once I learn to master them. I think some of my friends want me to use the ring's superpowers to make duplicated copies of it so they can have one too (but the duplicated rings probably wouldn't have SuperPowers, they would just be pretty).

I'm such a lucky girl!


Uncle KT said...

I love opals! Happy Anniversary!

Peggy said...

Happy Anniversary you two!

J - How very clever of you to marry a man whose parents have a jewelry shop.

The ring is beautiful and the opal is one of the nicest I've seen in a long long time.

Lizaveta said...

beautiful ring!! It looks great on you!! Give Derek a high five for his good taste!! ;)

MJ said...


Fixen Vixen said...

Very pretty!!! Is it on your pipetting hand? Maybe the rings super powers will extend to your experiments so everything works the first time!