Monday, July 28, 2008


Tonight I updated my old ratty running shoes for a new pair (something that just needs to be done about once a year) and I was super excited about it this time because 1) my last pair didn't fit right and 2) since my double back-knee injury in the spring I had yet to get back to running and I was hoping this would kick-start me back to business.

I was indeed kick-started back to business - the second I got home with my hip awesome new shoes I tore open the box, threw them on, and went out for a run with my Zune cranked and a smile on my face. The smile didn't last long though. Man that was painful! And my back and knee both hurt a little so I'm not quite all better yet. I looked AWESOME in my shoes though.


Frustrated Postdoc said...

Running is awesome! Too bad I can only get myself to do it once or twice a week...

Peggy said...

Baby steps there girlfriend!! New shoes are awesome though and I can see why you'd want to go and use 'em.

Do you still have those wonderful boots you posted about two years ago?