Sunday, July 13, 2008

Adventures in Babysitting: the 70 lb puppy

We are dogsitting for a new dog, a 1 yr old American-born French Canadian bulldog mix (his owners claim he is half American Bulldog and half Dogo).

He's very cute! We decided he's also very French, as are his parents. These are the things we came up with that he has in common with the French:
1. His name is French (Picot, which means 'spot')
2. He greets people by kissing them on BOTH CHEEKS (and he will also shake your hand, because he is Americanized too)
3. He likes to sleep in late and party all night
4. He is a huge fan of the French kiss
5. He speaks French to all the neighbor dogs (he says "Le Woof!")

He's also very much a puppy. He loves to squirm all around and play games and chew on everybody and everything. He arrived with several bags of toys and treats, including his green monkey, which you can see a bit of in the picture. He drags his green monkey all over the house and when he's excited he tosses it up in the air over and over again. One day when I got home from work there was stuffing all over the living room and the poor green monkey had lost his head. But Picot barely noticed, and the green monkey is still his best friend.


MJ said...

That dog is gorgeous! He looks like a lot of fun - all 70 lbs of him!! ;)

Uncle KT said...

That dog IS beautiful!!