Sunday, July 20, 2008

The rise and fall of my potbelly

I've been fighting off a little potbelly. Between being injured, lots of traveling, and waaaay too much eating, my belly managed to expand a bit. I had to bring myself out of denial a few weeks ago when I tried on my favorite summer capri pants and they didn't fit. What a bummer! My potbelly hung out over the top of them, and no amount of sucking in fixed the problem.

I decided to go on a diet, but the unfortunate thing is that diets really don't work for me. As soon as I vow to 'go on a diet', all I can think about is food. So I gained a few more pounds after that. Then I had an even bigger problem (and potbelly).

I figured out two ways to solve my problem. First, I needed to start exercising again. The only two things I can seriously do right now (my back is still a little injured) is bike and walk. I could probably swim too but I really hate swimming. So I ramped up the walking and the biking by about 1000-fold and that comes to my second approach: I ran out of time for eating. Anticipating my diet wouldn't work, I started really getting back into shape about a month ago and by two weeks ago I was able to bike a full 25 miles in one stretch (and then go out for an hour walk afterwards). The next weekend I did 45 miles, and then another 45 yesterday. The thing about biking 45 miles is, it takes up half of your day (and 1/4 of your weekend). You eat a big recovery meal after the ride, then you are too busy trying to get all your other weekend stuff done and viola, you are out of time to eat again. And viola again, good-bye potbelly.

Now you are reading the blog of a potbelly-less champion.


Anonymous said...

Hey Josie!

I am fighting the potbelly as well. I had shredded wheat, a chicken sandwich, fries, and a hot fudge sundae today.. How did I do?


Peggy said...

I'm sure you're perfect.

Mad Cabbie said...

Weight lifting can do wonders without biking all the way to Ohio you know!

Uncle KT said...

I never seem to run out of time to eat...I guess that's why my pot belly doesn't go away.

tom said...

I thought pot bellies were in style.