Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My Studly Hubby's Crush

My Studly Hubby has a crush on Chef Ramsay. He has read Chef Ramsay's autobiography, watched his show Hell's Kitchen with fierce loyalty, and now that Kitchen Nightmares is on, the crush has reached a whole new level. My Studly Hubby has a spring in his step all day Wednesday because he's so excited that Kitchen Nightmares will be on that night.

I wasn't a huge fan of Hell's Kitchen (it stressed me out), but Kitchen Nightmares is really good. Chef Ramsay can enter any type of situation, hold his own through everyone's defensiveness and anger and denial, and then turn everybody around in the end so that they are successful and love him. It's very heartwarming.


Peggy said...

Good old Gordon Ramsay. He sure can cook! I like that he's the restaurant whisperer for you guys. He's been saving bad restaurants over here for a while now.

Uncle KT said...

I know how D feels--that's how I feel about Thursday because of Grey's Anatomy.

J-Funk said...

Peggy - I heard he has a new show on BBC that is even more awesome than Kitchen Nightmares.We had to wait forever for Kitchen Nightmares so maybe we should just rent that other one.

Uncle KT: I didn't know you loved Grey's Anatomy! We rented part of it but are already loyal to the Office on Thursdays. It's good!

Tink said...

Hoop and I LOVE Chef Ramsay. Every time he yells at someone I get shivers. Hehe.