Sunday, October 28, 2007

I love my Civic!

In my effort to cross-train/drive around more in our new Honda Civic, I went to hot yoga again tonight. It was super fun driving the Civic over there and feeling all fancy-pants in such a pretty car. Here's why I love the Civic so much:

1. It's a feel-good car. Honda cares about the environment, and the Civic gets really good mileage. Plus it used to be a FlexCar.

2. It's so pretty! The dashboard is pink and purple! It's sparkly and shiny!

3. It has cruise control. I've never had cruise control before!

4. It knows when I need a light on - and it knows when I need it back off again. It's so smart!

5. It's mean enough to run over a trash can every once in a while without any belly-aching.

6. It can go uphill! Even when two people are in it!

Well on a different topic, hot yoga was painful as always. But I'll probably go back because it's so much fun driving over there in the new civic.

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Peggy said...

See!? That's how you get lured into the nicer or luxury car market. They'll give you a sniff of what it's like to drive a car with things like cruise control and electric windows. I love my cruise control to bits! I use it daily. I really hope I don't have to go back to rubbish cars with no cruise control.