Monday, October 15, 2007

Car Action

We've decided it's time to get a new bumper sticker for our new car. My old car had the most awesome bumper sticker ever, "Goddess on the Loose" but when we gave away my car and my Studly Hubby moved the sticker over to his car (it's on a bumper sticker magnet), he got made fun of. At his old job they even called him "Goddess". So he voted that when we got a new car, we got a new gender-neutral bumper sticker.

I vote we get one that speaks to our dedication to the environment or something pro-peace. That seems like it's gotta be helpful in some way.

So we went bumper-sticker shopping at our local propaganda store and were pleased to discover that they actually get a lot of their bumper stickers from our previous bumper-sticker source (home of the "goddess" bumper sticker), The Northern Sun in Minneapolis, MN. If you don't have a local propaganda store or other such bumper-sticker source, you can order bumper stickers from Northern Sun online.

The Studly Hubby found the perfect one for him, "Make Love, Not War" (this speaks to my Quaker roots, so I like it too) but I think he was looking for something more original. I've never seen that on a bumper sticker, so I think it's pretty original. I also liked "Tree-hugging dirt worshipper" and "Girls Kick Ass" (although the latter didn't fit our gender-neutral rule so was immediately discarded).

But oh, I will miss the "Goddess" bumper sticker.


Peggy said...

I checked the link to Northern thingies. They've got some funny stuff over there! When I moved here years ago, I was so surprised to discover that bumper stickers just aren't popular.

Uncle KT said...

Since Its a magnet--couldn't you keep the godess in the glove compartment and bust it out on occasion when it's you driving and not D? Then you could still get your godess fix!

Newt said...

Ok, I have been meaning to stop by their store for ages. Since I have a few days off I think I will have to go there now. If I find a good gender neutral one I'll send it your way. :-)