Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Floating pumpkins in the pool

Can you believe that pumpkins float?
Well they do!

Tonight when I went to my swim lesson the pool was full of pumpkins! At first I thought they were fake inflated pumpkins (I have a history of assuming that if something looks strange then it must be fake). But after the swim instructors laughed at me for a while they showed me that in fact all the pumpkins were real and you can use them as buoys! What a phenomenon.


Peggy said...

I knew they floated and it is not because my garden flooded one year.

I hope you had a nice Halloween!

Uncle KT said...

They are essentially hollow. Watermelons do too!

Newt said...

Damn, learning something new every day. AND watermelons. No freak'n way. I gotta go throw some things in a pool now.