Friday, July 05, 2013


This is our LAST summer in Seattle (boo!) so we are LIVING IT UP. So far it has been the Best Summer Ever. Here's why:

1) WEATHER - it's been in the 70s and low-80s almost every day for two months. This is definitely the best weather I've ever seen in Seattle or probably my whole life. Last summer we didn't see the sun or above-70s temps until mid-July.

2) TRAMPOLINE - our neighbor, who we unofficially share backyards with, bought a wicked awesome trampoline and lets us use it whenever we want. It's OVAL-shaped so easily accommodates two people so Layla and I can both jump our hearts out at the same time.

3) the BEACH - last year, we had a few weeks to scope out the beaches and wading pools, and this year we were READY for it when summer came - and we have been hitting the beach hard, sometimes multiple times a day. In Seattle you have lots of choices of different kinds of beaches (saltwater, sandy, shady, sunny, tidepools, on a running trail, near the soccer field, or even in the neighborhood) - we decide which one, then get the sunblock, sunglasses, towel, and GO whenever we can! I have found myself stashing swimsuits for the whole family on a quick run to the grocery store just in case - and then being glad I did!

4) ICE CREAM! Need I say more?

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