Friday, July 05, 2013

A few more good books

It's really fun to see Layla's taste in books develop. She cherishes her time reading with us every night and LOVES picking up new books from the library. Recently, she started 'reading' in bed by herself after we say good night (with our permission) - she picks out some books and flips through them in bed until she decides she's done, then she turns out her light and goes to sleep! It's amazing that she 1) likes to do this and 2) actually goes to bed within a reasonable time-frame (usually). One day when we opened up a new library book I asked if she had ever read it before and she said 'at night by myself but not with you.' So sweet!

Our baby group just created a 'wish list' on Amazon of all our kids' favorite books (each contributed ~4 suggestions). If you're interested, the link is here.

Layla's favorites these days are:

All the weird books by William Steig, including 'Sylvester and the Pebble' (about a donkey that finds a wishing pebbles and accidentally wishes himself into a rock) and 'Dr. DeSoto (about a mouse dentist that schemes his way out of getting eaten by a fox that's a patient of his).

"Ladybug Girl" by Jackie Davis

the "Pinkalicious" books by Victoria Kann

the "Berenstain Bears" books

"Iggy Peck, Architect" by Andrea Beaty

ALL of the Laura Numeroff books - especially the "Jelly Beans" books

"E-mergency" by Tom Lichtenfeld and Ezra Fields-Meyer. This is just about one of the most clever books I've ever read - and the genius is in the illustrations, which, amazingly were done by a high school kid (Ezra Fields-Meyer). The illustrator also happens to be the autistic subject of his father's famous book, "Following Ezra."

Books about TV shoes and movies, like the Pixar movie books, Curious George, Dora the Explorer, Bubble Guppies etc (she often likes the books BETTER than the TV versions, or has never even seen the TV version)


Mandy said...

Cool! Thanks for the ideas - Mia is always looking for new stuff! :)

Janet M said...

I love Sylvester and the Magic Pebble - we read that all the time when I was little. We also really love Jon Agee's books (Nothing is the favorite), The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr, and Little Squeegy Bug by Bill Martin Jr.
So many good childrens' books!

uncle bruce said...

Wow -- the Berenstain Bears books were already old when our kids were little. There were a lot of children's books that we liked, but until I go to the book store, I don't know which ones are available.

uncle bruce said...

I recognized some of the oldies in your baby group's list. "Are You My Mother" came out when your uncles and aunt were kids. I still quote from it. "You're not my mother. You are a snort!" (Something to say when the dog snorts.)