Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall, officially

It's officially fall when you...


Thanks to a couple of free weekends, we have done all of the above, and even some more. Last weekend we carved pumpkins, and this weekend we went to a pumpkin farm and had some pumpkin pie (and did lots of other fun stuff too!).

We finally had some nasty fall weather, with rain, wind, and a cold cold chill this week. After a long dry bout with lots and lots of sunshine we were all finally kind of relieved to see some rain and when it came down hard we all went inside and were happy to do all those things we didn't do all summer - for our family this is making soup and apple crisp, writing letters to Grandmas, shredding stuff (I kid you not, we generate a lot of stuff to shred somehow), reading books, watching TV (I FINALLY watched Hunger Games) and Skyping with various family members.

We've been searching out indoor activities to keep our little monster busy through the winter. Last week we ventured to the library and for the first time actually checked out some books for her (it seems to be working out). We're looking into signing her up for a toddler indoor soccer team, and possibly also a dance class. We've started doing artwork at home with renewed zest, and have a lot of plans but few supplies. Lucky for us the winters here are very mild so you can often sneak in a playground trip or hang around outside at the zoo intermittently through the winter.

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