Sunday, September 23, 2012

Layla and the horses

Since Layla's mommy (me) is an avid horse enthusiast, it probably does not come as a surprise that she has already been around some horses. Over Labor Day, she actually met my (former) horse, who is having a very happy retirement at a new owner's lush pasture not far from his old home. Unfortunately, Layla was too crabby to take pictures (the horse was not, unbelievably - he's 28 this year! - and we got some nice ones of him).

Today, we took her to the Puyallup fair (near Seattle) where she got to ride ponies. She absolutely LOVED it. She had a huge smile on her face the entire time (except when I left her side for a minute so they could take a professional photo - she cried on both tries and we didn't get a good one).

Also at the fair: a TRAIN (which we rode), an airplane ride (she figured out how to get the airplane to go up in the air just as the ride was finishing - what fun!), a HUGE slide (her dad was more scared than her), and, of course, buttered corn on the cob. We had a great time!!!

A very weird thing happened - our friends, who we have not seen all summer, crossed paths with us at this fair as we were heading out. The fair is HUGE, with many entrances and many different areas - it's unbelievable that we were all there on the same day at the same time and saw each other. Plus, I had been missing them in our long absence from each other. It made the whole day even nicer.

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