Saturday, December 08, 2012

The holidays

For the holidays, Layla decided to wear her swimsuit.

She puts it on the minute she gets up (we somehow convince her to change into clothes for daycare), and the minute she gets home. She wears it to breakfast, lunch and dinner. She would wear it EVERYWHERE, except we like to consider ourselves somewhat competent parents and so far we've held off letting her go outside in it, in December, when it's almost freezing out, because that seems like something somewhat competent parents wouldn't do.

Our attitude is, a swimsuit is better than being naked, which would be her next favorite choice. It's only slightly worse than her pajamas, which was her favorite choice last month. And it's definitely better than the princess dress she wore most of the time we were visiting family in Iowa over Thanksgiving vacation.

What we decided we really ought to do is just let her wear it, and maybe even take her swimming. That seems like something somewhat competent parents would do.


arial said...

You know what I would do? Turn down the temperature on the thermostat until the kid decides to wear more than a swimsuit.

J-Funk said...

Haha you sound like you might have had a few kids in your days :P

Your idea may work, but Layla seems to be somewhat immune to the cold. I fear for how cold the house would have to be for this to work (it's already cold enough that I wear a jacket half the time, but I do that a lot anyway). She seems quite motivated to wear that swimsuit!