Monday, September 10, 2012

Finally... the Costco membership

After having a baby, the Studly Hubby and I naturally decided to join Costco. For a year, we discussed the possibility. For the next year, we developed a plan of action. We decided to go during an off-peak time, after a large mocha-latte and a few days out from our last good run, and when the weather was bad enough not to miss a rare sun event but not so bad that everyone else had decided to go too.

Our recent trip to Iowa provided some extra motivation. My mom and the Studly Hubby's mom (collectively, the 'Grandmas') both have memberships and LOOOOOOOve it there, and told us so. Then they spent a few hours telling each other about all the great things they've discovered there, such as GIANT teddy bears (the size of a full-grown man), granola bars by the100's, and the weekend food sample frenzy. The giant teddy bear was a present for Layla, which she loved.

So last weekend we finally went, bought a membership, and took a spin around the store. It was pretty intense. We did buy a few things, and had some great food samples (greek yogurt with honey... mmmmm...). We didn't find any giant teddy bears. But, we did find the legendary Giant Bag of Pistachios, and bought it immediately. YUM.


mwz said...

Congratulations! We loved Costco in Cleveland and are just coming down from the high of finally getting one in our area.

Muffins and Cookies and Cake!

tom said...

pistachios for the doc!