Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lake Chelan pictures

For those of you who are wondering, Lake Chelan is the vacation-destination for Northwest families (compare to the Dells). It is about 4.5 hrs east of Seattle, and just on the other side of the mountains so the climate is TOTALLY different - they have real winters and summers. While we were there, it was actually HOT. It's also very dry there - there were apple and blueberry and grape farms but they were all irrigated.

Here are a few pictures from our trip.

On Saturday, we went to breakfast at one of the irrigated blueberry farms. They really did the tourist thing well and the place was packed. We shared a table with another family and Layla and their 3-yr-old boy got along well.
An irrigated blueberry farm.

Layla was actually a really good blueberry picker!

I enjoyed it too!

Back at the beach, Layla was REALLY interested in the boats. She wanted to ride them so badly. We finally rented a paddle boat and took her out in it. She was really good! We picked up a stick floating in the lake and she went 'fishing' while we were out.

Layla at the beach.

 Our hotel room overlooked the beach and was 20 feet away from a heated outdoor pool. People were in the pool all day and night. We were out on our deck until 10 pm then passed out.

The view from our room

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Awesome photos! Looks like a great vacation!

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