Tuesday, August 14, 2012

'Baby Layla'

Layla has adopted one of her babies as her 'baby brother' (even though it is pink and very clearly meant to be a girl). She calls it 'Baby Layla,' probably to divert the label from herself ('I'm 'Big-Girl Layla!' she tells us).

Baby Layla goes a lot of places with us and gets mentioned a lot at the daycare and around town. When asked if she has a baby brother or sister, she insists she does, and his name is 'Baby Layla.' If you try to argue with her about her story, she will defend it REALLY well (mostly by yelling 'No! That's my BROTHER!!!'). One of her teachers made the mistake of telling her that Baby Layla isn't really her brother and immediately regretted it. And Layla laid down the law with a slightly older boy that tried to tell her the baby is clearly not a boy - she told him (loudly) (several times) that Baby Layla is her BROTHER and she DOESN'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT. 

We play the role of the worn-out parents that will agree with whatever story we're told. We say 'ok, that's your brother' and go get him/her milk and cookies as needed. Sometimes, Baby Layla needs to eat, and can be a little picky about what he likes. He cries and needs soothing, and sometimes Baby Layla falls down and needs a bandaid. Mostly, Baby Layla cuddles with Layla in bed, in the stroller, and everywhere else.

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uncle bruce said...

He's a handsome young tyke.