Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Farmer's Market!!

Our neighborhood has a Farmer's Market in the summers, in a park about 8 blocks from our house. We go every week. It has a playground in the park, and a large grassy area where you could theoretically picnic (but who would, with the playground right there?). Mostly, we buy berries.

Lately, we've also started buying hamburgers and ice cream. Both are almost as good as what you can get in Iowa. What we really like about the ice cream is that they have bars in a million flavors. Our favorites are root beer, and vanilla lavender.

There's also live music at the Farmer's Market (although more at the bigger Ballard Market we go to in the off-season). Layla likes to stop and listen and dance a little bit, and then throw a couple dollars in their instrument case. One night, she found her daddy's mandolin, opened it up, played some music for me, then demanded I put some money in the case. What a quick learner!

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