Friday, November 13, 2009

Twi-fans: here comes the Studly Hubby!!

For the past month or so, the Studly Hubby has been very busy putting together a fan website for the new Twilight movie (New Moon) which opens next week. They launched the website yesterday. It features video footage of Forks (where most of the Twilight book series takes place) and an integrative map of various sites in Forks and all around that are important in the New Moon movie. The website features lots of videos and pictures and even a secret hidden interview with the cast (where cast members answer a question the Studly Hubby and I helped pick! - it's actually a pretty good interview, although short).

It has been a big project with lots of new features (the map is particularly cool) that the Studly Hubby had to work hard to create - many bags of M&Ms were consumed in the process of making this website. But it turned out really really great! Go Studly Hubby Go!

The website will get a plug tonight on Extra (with Mario Lopez from Saved by the Bell) and has already gotten a mention on Ryan Seacrest's radio show. It will also eventually be the first hit if you search for "Twilight" on Bing.

Click below to see the clip from Extra!

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